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  • Archive for January, 2011

    Bathroom Renovation

    This house was 85 years old and the bathroom needed to be completely gutted. She wanted to move her washer and dryer from downstairs into this bathroom so she didn’t have to keep walking downstairs. The floor is heated with radiant heat.

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    Front Entrance Makeover

    We built an overhang and new columns to match the existing columns on this old house. We also replaced the front door and put in a new Pella door. The architectural columns are custom made and are load bearing. The trim is completely synthetic but you would never know it. The homeowners had us build […]

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    Expansion Project

    This is a job we did for a couple who were having their first child.The upstairs as you can see is small and confined. We built a dormer and opened up the hallway into a nice sitting area with a new big window to let in light. We also added a built in shelf because […]

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    Window & Door

    Our windows and doors are aluminum clad exterior which means no window or molding rot. We also use Azek on all exterior trim details. All products for this particular home were Pella products.

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