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  • About

    Our Mission: To provide residential home improvement and renovation support services that when set against project cost still create additional equity and value in homes. Our desire is to build relationships, not just additions, bathrooms and kitchens. We strive to build a customer base that trusts us and is very satisfied with both quality of the workmanship and materials being used.

    Our History:?20 years experience in residential renovation work. The owner of the company, Mike Rohrer has degrees both in Sport Management and Civil Engineering. This academic background along with two decades of carpentry work help to make us the best residential construction company in Wake County.

    Our Services: Omni Construction Company is a design/build renovation company. We build projects where blueprints are already provided for us, or work with homeowners and architects to design new additions or the renovation of existing spaces. Our desire is to work with homeowners to really tailor each new job to fit their personality and day to day needs. Our project variety is dramatic; from additions, decks and screened in porches to garages, carports, kitchens and bathroom remodels. We take most any project regardless of simplicity or complexity. Our simple projects include gutters, window and door replacement, siding and trim repair, built in cabinets, roof repair etc…

    Why Omni?: We have never had a single dissatisfied customer. We will go the extra mile to make sure you have the best possible experience.