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  • Archive for New Home Construction

    New Home Construction (Part 3: Finishing Touches)

    Our finished new home construction project includes photos of the kitchen, deck, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, windows, and doors. Contact Omni Construction and we can help design and build your new home. Check out our previous posts in our new home construction series: New Home Construction (Part 1: Demolition & Excavation) New Home Construction (Part […]

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    New Home Construction (Part 2: Basement Slab, Walls, Framing, and Drywall)

    The construction work begins with a pouring the basement slab and walls. Framing and drywall come next.

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    New Home Construction (Part 1: Demolition & Excavation)

    Designing, planning, and building a home is a rewarding processes. The next few posts will document one of these projects from excavating to finished home. Our first round of photos focus on demolition and excavating.

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