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  • These pictures are some of Omni Construction Company's most recent completed projects.


    Additions are a great idea because they are cost effective and are tailored exactly to your family’s needs. Most of the time, your overall cost will be offset 100% by the increase in equity.

    Omni Construction Company has the capability to provide customers with a 3D model of their future addition incorporated with the existing house to see if the project will be a good fit ascetically. The main goal is to build a new space as though it had been built with the original house.

    If you’re looking for another bathroom or bedroom, maybe an add-on expansion such as living room, playroom or kitchen expansion etc… we are a company to seriously consider. We regularly build these projects and bigger projects such as garages, basements and 2nd story additions in Wake?County.

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    Screened Porches & Sunrooms

    A?screened porch or sunroom can be about more than just adding extra living space; it can be about creating a quiet room for reading and relaxing, a music room, or even a game room for kids. These types of?porches and sunrooms?are a very practical and cost effective solution for expanding square footage and serve as a better space to relax out side compared to a shade sail. Not only are?these rooms affordable for Carolinians, they can be designed to compliment the architecture of your home using a variety of roof styles, layout configurations, and colors. These rooms are commonly referred to as patio rooms, glass rooms, screen rooms, conservatory, solarium, and patio enclosures. Put our?20 years of experience to work for you in custom designing a sunroom or screened porch for your home.

    Before calling a representative at Omni Construction, there are several issues to consider to help you get the best value for your money. A well built patio room may return up to 100% of your investment at resale.

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    Kitchens & Bathrooms

    Kitchens have become the centerpiece of the modern home and a focal point of everyday life and entertaining. More than any other room, the kitchen seems to be the place where we spend more and more time while at home. A well-designed cooking area will make meal planning and preparing more efficient and enjoyable. A beautiful kitchen and dining area will make entertaining fun for family and friends and also less stressful for the host and hostess. Whether making little changes here and there or a complete redo, having a kitchen that you want to work and live in makes all the difference.

    Recently, bathrooms have surpassed kitchens in home remodeling popularity and trends. This is not surprising when you consider the bathroom as once the most under-appreciated room of the house. ? The time is now to think of bathrooms as potentially the most luxurious space in your house. Have you have been inspired by a visit to a favorite spa, a feature on a home makeover show, or even a past renovation project in your own home? If so, here is your chance for the perfect bathroom that you want.

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